Wat is Autisme?

Correspondentie omtrent de video door M. v. Spronsen:

“We love your video. It matches wonderfully with our idea of autism as a condition which is not a defect but rather a different development compared to people without autism. And that’s okay. It may even mean that you’re better at some things than people without autism. It’s all about acceptance of who you are and figuring out what works for you, instead of trying to fit in the mould of people without autism. This is also our view.
With your permission of course, we would like to put your video on our website. Would that be okay?”

Reactie van de makers van de video:
“We would be honoured for your to share our 12 Fast Fact About Autisme video, and we are so thrilled that celebrate such a positive and empowering view of autism - finding out what works for you... rather than fitting into a non-autistic mould.
Thank you, Shannan and Paul”